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About US

Paul Tanner- CEO EmpireLPM

Empire Letting and Property Management was founded by Paul Tanner, a local based property investor in Birmingham. Having lived in Birmingham the whole of his life, followed by the below sequence of events the company was formed, to support the growth of Paul’s portfolio and expanding needs for companies that want and deliver the ‘extra mile’ that landlords plus tenants require from living in rented accommodation. This is proven dividend since the company was formed and will continue every year into the future.

Since the age of 18, Paul has been extremely driven about business, having worked in the die making industry for a number of year and then moving in delivering public speaking and client demonstrations for a global CAE software vendor. Paul always knew that his passion lied in driving business forward, to which he moved to Tata Technologies and lead a national role as a business development manager for CAE & PLM solutions.

During this time Paul has also entered the well-known television called the ‘Apprentice’ which by 2010 he was able to conquer a number rounds from the 28,000 that entered and at the time of existing the competition the estimate was only 2,000 people left in the process. This ultimately inspired Paul to continue his driven to forming, running and growing his own business.

From analysing different business sectors, sub industries and key influences. Paul worked with a number of mentors, trades and business owners to find that ‘Property’ was an every moving passive asset that could change his life and form a scalable business for the future. This ultimately form Empire Property Investors Ltd and Empire Letting and Property Management.

Upon growing the portfolio and company Paul has stood up on stage at one of the largest property investment conferences ‘ Progressive Properties Super Conference’ and shared with the audience the results he’s been able to generate from investing in property.

The experience that the our team offers is over 100 years in the property industry, supported by the fact were all 100% dedicated, focused and committed to provided ‘the extra mile’ to our tenants, landlords and ourselves. This is one of the small factors of why people establish long standing partnerships with ourselves.


Marta Cerniavskaja (Portfolio Manager)

I have always been an achiever, be it academics or professional life or any other field in my life. I believe in success through hard work and dedication.

I have the degree in Economic and Finance. High experienced in MS Office and relevant databases and software. Deep knowledge of all rules and regulations surrounding property management.

For the past several years I have worked in lettings and property management industry.

  • I was preparing agreements for tenants
  • Negotiating contracts renewals
  • Managing all aspects of assigned properties
  • I was maintaining a positive, productive relationship with tenants
  • Preparing inventories and daily correspondence
  • Keeping owners up to date
  • Visiting the properties to ensure that it is being maintained properly and all equipment fixed and issues resolved

I am experienced agent with a strong background who is always in search for a new challenge. My skills such as :

Customer Service skills which helps making tenants happy and working on getting new tenants on board
Negotiating skills
Organisations skills helps working with tenants, with local government, with public works and paying bills.
Organisation to get it all done is key for good communication between the company and the clients.
My life MOTO is ~ I want & I can & I do ~
Being able to speak 4 different languages I can easily communicate with different people and bring the best service they could ever receive.